Employee. Hired hand. Team member. Associate. Staff. No matter what you call them, adding them to your business can make your life a lot more complicated. Paying them, withholding taxes, filing tax reports can be overwhelming. Forget to remit the taxes or file a return on time and the penalties and interest add up very quickly.

A lot of businesses try to avoid the hassle by calling them "subcontractor." That's a great way to get yourself in trouble with the IRS and Department of Labor. We ask the right questions to make sure you are classifying them correctly.

With our service it takes less than ten minutes to log in, enter hours, click "pay", and you're done. That's it. Your team gets paid by direct deposit and we handle the rest. No IRS web site to log into to make payments. No forms to fill out or sign or mail. No late filing fees. No missed deadlines. Guaranteed.

Contact us today to see how we can make it easier for you to deal with paying employees.