Our biggest thrill is helping people achieve their dreams and making it all worthwhile. We're small business owners too. We get it. We get you. It's hard work. Long hours. Lots to worry about. We help make it easier and more profitable. We're having fun and think you should too.

The value we provide is greater than the price you pay. We guarantee it. Or your money back.

Our price is based on how you value the service we provide. Not hourly rates. No surprise billing. Before we start helping you achieve, you will know exactly what we will be doing for you and what the price will be. Always.

You will work almost exclusively with one member of our team. One person. Not one for payroll. Another for taxes. And yet another for coaching. You will get better service because that team member is going to know everything about you and your business. Of course, we all work together if an area of expertise is required to help you with a special situation.

We're technology geeks. We admit it. We spend a lot of time making sure we are using and recommending the best software solutions out there to meet our clients' unique needs. Face to face meetings or phone calls are nice but you can always email, text, tweet, Skype, FaceTime, or whatever. Don't be surprised if we respond at 11 pm or 4 am.

We live by ROWE (and think you should too). Results-Only Work Environment™. We judge ourselves and our team by what we accomplish (for you) not by the hours we put in or when or where we work. How does that benefit you? Our focus is on helping you, our client, and your success and what you are achieving.

Finally, we're picky about the clients we work with. It has to be a good fit. For both of us. It's not about the quantity of clients we have but the quality of service and the results we help you achieve. Let us help you.

P.S. We have a cool mascot too: